Prepping the next Shipment of Ultra-Pure Lead

Aqua Metals team members prep a freshly poured shipment of ultra-pure AquaRefined lead for delivery to a JCI battery manufacturing facility. Aqua Metals just cast another kettle full (30 tonnes) and as production continues to ramp we expect prepping crews to be increasingly busy in the coming weeks and months.

Regular truckload shipments of AquaRefined 99.99+% have commenced

Last week, we shipped two full truckloads of AquaRefined lead to a strategic partner, each with approximately 19 metric tonnes of AquaRefined lead.  The commencement of these shipments was made as part of a vendor approval process requiring several shipments of exhibiting consistent quality and processes.  Once the qualification process is complete, Aqua Metals will […]

High Purity Casting at the World’s First AquaRefinery

Two more blocks of lead were poured at the Aqua Metals Facility in McCarran Nevada yesterday. These two ton blocks are reaching levels of purity beyond 99.99% lead. Aqua Metals expects to continue to increase purity as the Company ramps up AquaRefined lead production.

AquaRefining Train One Installed

The first “Train” (8 of our 16 AquaRefining modules) are fully assembled and installed. Four of these AquaRefining modules are being used to produce small quantities of lead and to complete the evaluation of operating parameters. Once complete, these parameters will be applied to all 16 modules. 

Closing out a great week at AquaRefinery 1

Had a great day hosting a group of strategic visitors today at the AquaRefinery. Also had a chance to film some more of the recycling process from battery feedstock arrival through breaking and separation. (We’ll be posting that video very soon.). I could not be more impressed and honored to keep company with the entire […]

A Huge Step Forward

Today, we announced a multi-faceted commercial partnership with Johnson Controls (JCI), the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer.

AquaRefinery Progress

Another significant milestone this week for the AquaRefinery. We got our TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupation). The offices are now complete and we move in next week.

In Memoriam to Stan Kimmel

It is with a heavy heart that all of us at Aqua Metals say goodbye to Stan Kimmel, our founding independent board director.

AquaRefinery Inside Progress

We are making great progress as we fit out our visitor center and office space as well as prepare the AquaRefining area for installation and commissioning of our AquaRefining Modules.