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AquaRefinery Inside Progress

We are making great progress as we fit out our visitor center and office space as well as prepare the AquaRefining area for installation and commissioning of our AquaRefining Modules.

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Time-lapse of AquaRefinery Build

Battery recycling without the issues


96% of all rechargeable batteries produced are lead acid batteries (LAB)

  • LAB production continues to grow at 18-30% per year
  • Still the most cost effective battery for many high growth applications

Lead is the World’s most recycled material

  • Almost 100% of new LABs contain some recycled “Secondary Lead”
  • Modern LABs require high purity “Primary lead”

Currently all LAB recycling uses Lead Smelting – an old, inefficient and polluting technology.

  • Smelting produces low grade “Secondary Lead”
  • Production of  Primary Lead from smelting, requires further refining

Lead Recycling Reinvented


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