First View Inside the AQUAREFINERY

This week, the construction team has been quite busy getting the roof complete as well as beginning to paint the inside of the AquaRefinery, as the units built in Alameda, CA will begin to arrive at the AquaRefinery very soon.

To match the importance of AquaRefining replacing the blast furnaces, reverb furnaces, dry lead dust storage bunkers, dump trucks, rail cars and many of the other difficult to manage processes associated with smelting, we are making sure that the AquaRefining area will look and be as clean as it operates. What you can see with this picture is the first view of the inside of the AquaRefinery just after it’s first round of paint application. We are using a combination of AquaMetals aqua-blue for general support infrastructure and yellow for walking paths which you can see in this photo. Things are masked off, but it’s worth sharing the very first “colorful” picture of many to come.