A Huge Step Forward

Today, we announced a multi-faceted commercial partnership with Johnson Controls (JCI), the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer.

This partnership with JCI is a highly credible vote of confidence for our progress to date as the clean, sustainable battery recycling technology for the future. JCI is the market leader and is directly involved with about 1/3 of the $22 Billion lead-acid battery recycling industry and of the $65 Billion lead-acid industry.

We see the propagation of our AquaRefining™ technology that will result from this partnership as a key step to reinvigorate the battery industry with a clean and sustainable circular recycling model. Our work with JCI as the first licensee for AquaRefining, along with JCI’s ability to fuel as many Aqua Metals owned AquaRefineries we can build in North America, China, and Europe with JCI feedstock—adding to our U.S. partners BSI and Interstate Batteries—will be a huge step forward to streamline the supply and reverse logistics chain of the lead-acid battery industry.

In the near term, Aqua Metals plans to grow by adding hundreds of manufacturing and construction jobs to build and deploy AquaRefining facilities and operations in the United States and export our technology and capabilities throughout the world.

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